viernes, 24 de junio de 2016

AZ ‎- Doe Or Die [12''] (1996)

A1-Doe Or Die (Radio Version)
A2-Doe Or Die (Album Version)
A3-Doe Or Die (Acapella)
A4-Mo Money, Mo Murder "Homicide" (Radio Version)
B1-Doe Or Die (Remix)
B2-Doe Or Die (Remix Instrumental)
B3-Mo Money, Mo Murder "Homicide" (Album Version)
B4-Doe Or Die (Album Instrumental)

Govna Matic - Family Day [12''] (1997)

A-Family Day (Dirty Version) Feat. Redman
B-Vision (Dirty Version)

C. Boogie Brown ‎- One Deep Tonight (Promo) [12''] (1999)

A1-One Deep Tonight (Clean)
A2-Live It Up (Clean)
A3-I'll Always Be Around (Clean)
B1-One Deep Tonight (Instrumental)
B2-Live It Up (Instrumental)
B3-I'll Always Be Around (Instrumental)

martes, 21 de junio de 2016

Cella Dwellas ‎- Perfect Match [12''] (1996)

A1-Perfect Match (Clean)
A2-Perfect Match (Dirty)
A3-Perfect Match (Instrumental)
B1-Hold U Down (LP Version)
B2-Perfect Match (A Cappella)

Genius/GZZ ‎- Shadowboxin' / 4th Chamber [12''] (1996)


A1-Shadowboxin' (LP Version) Feat. Method Man
A2-Shadowboxin' (Clean) 
A3-Shadowboxin' (Instrumental)
AA1-4th Chamber (LP Version) 
Feat. Ghostface Killah, Killah Priest & RZA
AA2-4th Chamber (Clean)
AA3-4th Chamber (Instrumental)

Goodie Mob ‎- They Don't Dance No Mo' (Promo) [12''] (1998)

A1-They Don't Dance No Mo' (Radio Version)
A2-They Don't Dance No Mo' (Instrumental)
B1-They Don't Dance No Mo' (Album Version)
B2-They Don't Dance No Mo' (Acappella)

lunes, 20 de junio de 2016

The Dwellas - Who Killed The Hip Hop? [12''] (2003)

A1-Who Killed The Hip Hop? (Original Surviving Version)
A2-Who Killed The Hip Hop?
 (Original Surviving Instrumental)
B1-Gods And Gain (Original TITS Version) Feat. Tony Atlas
B2-Gods And Gain (Original TITS Instrumental)

The Doxxmen ‎- Magnetic Attrack / Spontaneous Combustion [12''] (1997)

A1-Magnetic Attrack (Radio)
A2-Magnetic Attrack (Dirty)
A3-Magnetic Attrack (Instrumental)
B1-Spontaneous Combustion (Radio)
B2-Spontaneous Combustion (Dirty)
B3-Spontaneous Combustion (Instrumental)

Cella Dwellas ‎- We Got It Hemmed [12''] (199x)

A1-We Got It Hemmed (Radio Edit)
A2-We Got It Hemmed (Instrumental)
B1-We Got It Hemmed (Album Version)
B2-We Got It Hemmed (Acapella)

Cella Dwellas ‎- Good Dwellas [12''] (1995)

A1-Good Dwellas (Lp Version)
A2-Good Dwellas (Instrumental)
B1-Cella Dwellas (Lp Version)
B2-Good Dwellas (Acapella)

domingo, 19 de junio de 2016

Various ‎- Untitled [12''] (1996)

A1-InI-Fakin Jax (Album Version)
A2-InI-Fakin Jax (Bop Ya Head Remix)
A3-InI-Fakin Jax (Bop Ya Head Instrumental)
A4-InI-Fakin Jax (Acapella)
B1-2Pac-Run Tha Streetz (L.P. Version)
B2-All City-Metro Theme (Dirty Version)
B3-Cella Dwellas-Advance To Boardwalk (Street Mix)

Kaotic Style / Smoothe Da Hustler ‎- Mad Hardcore / Bro To Bro [12''] (1995)

A1-Mad Hardcore
Feat. Cella Dwellas, Heltah Skeltah, & M.O.P.
B1-Bro To Bro
Feat. Trigger Tha Gambler

sábado, 18 de junio de 2016

Young Soldierz ‎- Alligator / Buck 'Em With The '9' (Promo) [12''] (1993)

A1-Alligator (Club Mix Explicit Version) Feat. Keystone
A2-Alligator (Radio Version)
B1-Alligator (Instrumental Version)
B2-Buck 'Em With The '9' Feat. Dog, Nini X

Joe Sinistr Feat. Terminator X & The Godfathers Of Threatt ‎- Under The Sun / Krunchtime [12''] (1994)

A1-Under The Sun (LP Version)
A2-Under The Sun (Clean Version)
B1-Under The Sun (Instrumental)
B2-Krunchtime (LP Version)

Ca$h Money Click ‎- Get Tha Fortune (Remix) / She Swallowed It [12''] (1994)

A1-Get Tha Fortune (Remix) (Radio)
A2-Get Tha Fortune (Remix) (Street)
A3-Get Tha Fortune (Remix) (Instrumental)
A4-Get Tha Fortune (Remix) (Acapella)
B1-She Swallowed It (Radio)
B2-She Swallowed It (Street)
B3-She Swallowed It (Instrumental)

Ca$h Money Click ‎- 4 My Click / Get Tha Fortune [12''] (1994)

A1-4 My Click (Radio) Feat. Mic Geronimo
A2-4 My Click (Street)
A3-4 My Click (Radio Instrumental)
A4-4 My Click (Acapella)
B1-Get Tha Fortune (Radio)
B2-Get Tha Fortune (Street)
B3-Get Tha Fortune (Radio Instrumental)
B4-Get Tha Fortune (Acapella)

Buda Hedz ‎- Rapwacks [12''] (1994)

A2-Buda Sparks
B1-Blunts Come Down
B2-Blunts Come Down (Dub Mix)

viernes, 17 de junio de 2016

Quo ‎- Huh What? (Promo) [12''] (1994)

A1-Huh What?
A2-Huh What? (Instrumental)
B1-Huh What? (Acappella)
B2-Once Again

Various ‎- Nervous Breakbeats #1 [12''] (1997)

A1-Brooklyn Slumlordz-Change The Groove
A2-Live & Die Reck-Live & Die Reck
A3-Bobby J Straight Out Of The Funkmaster Flex Camp
Clap Your Hands
B1-Da Rhythm-Take 'Em Up
B2-DJ Fashion-Uh Ah Do It Hey
B3-Jazzy Joint-Boom, It's The Joint

Shades Of Culture ‎- Payin Rent [12''] (1996)

01-Payin Rent
02-The Deep
03-Payin Rent (Remix)

lunes, 13 de junio de 2016

Cheeba Garden ‎- The Return Of The Skunkadelic [12''] (1995)

A1-The Return Of The Skunkadelic (Original Mix)
A2-The Return Of The Skunkadelic (Dirty 6 Remix)
B1-The Return Of The Skunkadelic (R.M.II's Uncut Mix)
Feat. Da Germ
B2-Underground Anyway

R.A. The Rugged Man ‎- Don't Wanna Fuck Wit [12''] (2001)

A1-Don't Wanna Fuck Wit (Clean)
Feat. Havoc
A2-Don't Wanna Fuck Wit (Dirty)
A3-Don't Wanna Fuck Wit (Instrumental)
A4-Don't Wanna Fuck Wit (Acapella)
B1-Even Dwarfs Started Small (Clean)
B2-Even Dwarfs Started Small (Dirty)
B3-Even Dwarfs Started Small (Instrumental)

Big Meal ‎- Put It On 'Em / Pimps, Players, Macks [12''] (1998)

A1-Put It On 'Em (Main)
A2-Put It On 'Em (Radio)
A3-Put It On 'Em (Instrumental)
B1-Pimps, Players, Macks (Main)
B2-Pimps, Players, Macks (Radio)
B3-Pimps, Players, Macks (Instrumental)

KRS-One ‎- Sound Of Da Police [12''] (1993)

A1-Sound Of Da Police (LP Version)
A2-Hip Hop VS Rap
B1-Sound Of Da Police (Remix)
B2-Sound Of Da Police (Remix Instrumental)
B3-Hip Hop VS Rap (Acapella)

domingo, 12 de junio de 2016

Hi-Tech - Book Of Life [12''] (1996)

A1-Book Of Life (Radio)
A2-Book Of Life (Bonus Beatz)
A3-4 Degrees For The Streets (Bonus Beatz)
A4-4 Degrees For The Streets (Remix) (Bonus Beatz)
B1-4 Degrees For The Streets (Clean)
Feat. Mischief, Smoogie, Vision
B2-4 Degrees For The Streets (Street)
B3-4 Degrees For The Streets (Remix)

Saafir ‎- Battle Drill / Rock The Show (I Wanna Know) [12''] (1994)

01-Battle Drill
02-Rock The Show (I Wanna Know)

Da Homlez ‎- Knock Knock (Promo) [12''] (1995)

A1-Knock Knock ("Cooley C" Club Mix)
A2-Knock Knock ("Cooley C" Instrumental Mix)
B1-Knock Knock ("KT's" Jazzy Mix)
B2-Knock Knock ("Cooley C" Mega Mix)

Ill-Ko ‎- Illy-I [12''] (1999)

A2-Sun City
A3-Big Shots
B1-Illy-I (Instrumental)
B2-Sun City (Instrumental)
B3-Big Shots (Instrumental)

Shabaam Sahdeeq ‎- Sound Clash / 5 Star Generals [12''] (1998)

A1-Sound Clash (Radio)
A2-Sound Clash (Instrumental)
A3-Pendilum (Radio)
B1-5 Star Generals (Street)
B2-5 Star Generals (Radio)
B3-5 Star Generals (Instrumental)

Saafir ‎- Light Sleeper / Battle Drill (Promo) [12''] (1994)

A1-Light Sleeper (Album Version)
A2-Light Sleeper (Instrumental)
A3-Light Sleeper (Acappella)
B1-Battle Drill (Album Version)
B2-Battle Drill (Instrumental)

Backlive ‎- 1000 MCs [12''] (1996)

A1-1000 MCs (Original)
A2-1000 MCs (Original Instrumental)
A3-1000 MCs (Party Mix)
B1-1000 MCs (Party Instrumental)
B2-1000 MCs (A.M. Mix)
B3-1000 MCs (A.M. Instrumental)

lunes, 6 de junio de 2016

Awol One ‎- Kanyousee (Promo) (1995)

A2-Earthlings (Daydreamer)

Frost - East Side Rendezvous [12''] (1995)

A1-East Side Rendezvous (Album Version) 
Feat. A.L.T., O.G.Enius
A2-East Side Rendezvous (Instrumental)
B1-Look At What I See (Album Version) Feat. A.L.T.
B2-Look At What I See (Instrumental)

The Hansoul Project - That's Life (Promo) [12''] (1993)

A1-That's Life (Radio Edit)
A2-That's Life (Hard Core)
B1-For The Niggas
B2-That's Life (Instrumental)

Loon-E-Toon And DJ Mike Tee - Inglewoodz Finast [12''] (1993)

A1-Inglewoodz Finast (Vocal Smooth Mix)
A2-Inglewoodz Finast (Instrumental)
B1-Everybody Duck (Vocal)
B2-Everybody Duck (Instrumental)

Lo Life - Lo Lifes Are Lo / No Weak Signs [12''] (199x)

A1-Lo Lifes Are Lo (Dirty Version)
A2-Lo Lifes Are Lo (Clean Version)
A3-Lo Lifes Are Lo (Instrumental)
B1-No Weak Signs (Dirty Version)
B2-No Weak Signs (Clean Version)

Kool G Rap ‎- Fast Life (Promo) [12''] (1995)

A1-Fast Life (Original) Feat. Nas
A2-Fast Life (Instrumental)
A3-Fast Life (Acapella)
B1-4, 5, 6 (Original)
B2-4, 5, 6 (Instrumental)

Kool G Rap ‎- It's A Shame [12''] (1995)

A1-It's A Shame (Original)
A2-It's A Shame (Acapella)
A3-It's A Shame (Instrumental)

jueves, 2 de junio de 2016

Black Moon ‎- Headz Aint Redee / Black Smif-N-Wessun [12''] (1996)

A1-Black Moon / Smif-n-Wessun Headz Aint Redee 
(Original Buckshot Mix) Feat. Heltah Skeltah & O.G.C.
A2-Black Moon / Smif-n-Wessun-Headz Aint Redee
 (Beatminerz Remix)
B1-Black Moon-Black Smif-N-Wessun (Vocal)
Feat. Smif-n-Wessun
B2-Black Moon-Black Smif-N-Wessun (Instrumental)

R.I.F. (Rappin Is Fundamental) / Da Nation / Soul Survivors - Bee Mo Easy Entertainment Presents... [12''] (1997)

A1-R.I.F. (Rappin Is Fundamental)-Doo-Hop
A2-R.I.F. (Rappin Is Fundamental)-Who's Da Man
A3-Da Nation-What's Ya Rep
B1-Da Nation-Whatchuwantboo? (Cars & Cash)
B2-Soul Survivors-Show Da Meaning
B3-Soul Survivors-Strictly Hip-Hop

miércoles, 1 de junio de 2016

People Without Shoes ‎- Assasin EP [12''] (1995)

Tempo Side
A1-Nappyhead Assasin (Loud Mouth Dread) (Radio)
A2-Nappyhead Assasin (Loud Mouth Dread) (Instrumental)
A3-Nappyhead Assasin (Loud Mouth Dread) (Street)
A4-Evil For Eternity (Remix Radio)
A5-Evil For Eternity (Remix Instrumental)

Opmet Side
B1-If (Radio) Feat. Nappy Red Menasiss Theripiss
B2-If (Street) Feat. Nappy Red Menasiss Theripiss
B3-If (Instrumental)
B4-Evil For Eternity (Radio)
B5-Evil For Eternity (Instrumental)

Deranged Funk ‎- Higher Learning [12''] (1998)

A1-Higher Learning (Main)
A2-Higher Learning (Instrumental)
A3-Higher Learning (Accapella)
B1-Static (Clean)
B2-Static (Dirty)
B3-Static (Instrumental)

The Disciples Feat. Sunz Of Man ‎- Writing Rhymes With A Liquid Pen (Promo) [12''] (1997)

A-Writing Rhymes With A Liquid Pen
B-Writing Rhymes With A Liquid Pen