jueves, 31 de marzo de 2016

Around The Way ‎- Really Into You [12''] (1992)

A1-Really Into You (Club Mix)
A2-Really Into You (Kendo Macadacious Dub)
B1-Really Into You (Extended Radio / Club Mix)
B2-Really Into You (Drumapella)

Apocalypse - Skills Prevail [12''] (1996)

A1-Skills Prevail (Radio Mix)
A2-Skills Prevail (Street Mix)
A3-Skills Prevail (Instrumental)
B1-Sex You (Radio Mix)
B2-Sex You (Street Mix)
B3-Sex You (Streets Moans Mix)

miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2016

Blackwatuz ‎- Da' Kitchen / No Boundaries [12''] (1999)

A1-Da' Kitchen (Radio Edit)
B1-No Boundaries (Radio Edit)

3PM - Better Late Than Never [12''] (1994)

A-Better Late Than Never (Bring It On Mix)
B-Better Late Than Never (Tha Version - Excursion)

martes, 29 de marzo de 2016

Self Contained Unit - Harm City EP [12''] (2012)

A1-Harm City
A2-123 (Remix) Feat. Ghetto Connect
A3-Murder 1 (Instrumental)
B1-Threshold Of Pain
B2-9 - 5
B3-9 - 5 (Instrumental)

Lethal - Escape Of The Hostile [12''] (199x)

A1-Escape Of The Hostile
A2-Escape Of The Hostile (Instrumental)
A3-Escape Of The Hostile (Acappella)
AA1-Turn Me Loose
AA2-Turn Me Loose (Instrumental)

Markie Dee - Bounce [12''] (1997)

A1-Bounce (Ol' School Intro)
A3-Bounce (Dirty Edit)
B1-Bounce (Instrumental)
B2-Bounce (Acappella)

Doo Dirty ‎- Live By The Gun [12''] (1996)

A1-That's The Way I Wanna Live
A2-Live By The Gun
B1-Live By The Gun (Radio Edit)
B2-That's The Way I Wanna Live (Radio Edit)

lunes, 28 de marzo de 2016

Ghetto Concept ‎- E-Z On The Motion / Hard Copy [12''] (1994)

A1-E-Z On The Motion (Vocal)
A2-E-Z On The Motion (Radio)
A3-E-Z On The Motion (Instrumental)
B1-Hard Copy (Vocal)
B2-Hard Copy (Radio)
B3-Hard Copy (Accapella)
B4-Hard Copy (Instrumental)

Louis Logic ‎- Planet Rock / Punchline [12''] (1998)

A1-Planet Rock (Clean) Feat. L-Fudge
A2-Punchline (Clean)
A3-Logistics 101 (Dirty)
B1-Planet Rock (Instrumental)
B2-Punchline (Instrumental)
B3-Planet Rock (Dirty) Feat. L-Fudge

Legend AKA Kama Kazi - The Truth [12''] (1998)

A1-The Truth (Radio Edit)
A2-The Truth (Instrumental)
A3-Search For A Leader (Radio Edit)
AA1-A Talented Thug (Radio Edit)
AA2-A Talented Thug (Instrumental)
AA3-Dreams (Guided Only By My Intuition)
AA4-Dreams (Guided Only By My Intuition) (Instrumental)

domingo, 27 de marzo de 2016

Various ‎- Brand Names [12''] (1996)

A1-O Da Addict-Brand Names
A2-O Da Addict-If You Don't Know
B1-Rukus-Trapped Inside
B2-Just Shawn-Just For A Look

The Arsonists ‎- Venom / Seed [12''] (1997)

A1-Venom (Censored)
A2-Venom (Uncensored)
A3-Venom (Instrumental)
B1-Seed (Vocal) Feat. Kinetic Energy
B2-Seed (Instrumental)

Hardwe're ‎- 1, 2, 3, (Corrupt Thoughts) / Callen You Out [12''] (199x)

A1-1, 2, 3, (Corrupt Thoughts) (Street)
A2-1, 2, 3, (Corrupt Thoughts) (Radio)
A3-1, 2, 3, (Corrupt Thoughts) (Int.)
B1-Callen You Out (Street)
B2-Callen You Out (Radio)
B3-Callen You Out (Int.)
B4-Real - Niggaz

Gripsta ‎- Pop Goz The 9 / Can't Fade This [12''] (1994)

A1-Pop Goz The 9 (Reggae)
A2-Pop Goz The 9 (Reggae Radio)
A3-Pop Goz The 9 (Instrumental)
A4-Pop Goz The 9 (Reggae A Cappella)
B1-Pop Goz The 9 (Original Version)
B2-Can't Fade Dis (LP Version)
B3-Can't Fade Dis (Instrumental)

sábado, 26 de marzo de 2016

Growin Pains ‎- Still Same Game [12''] (1998)

A1-Still Same Game
A2-You Got Warned
B1-Time To Eat
B2-Still Same Game (Instrumental)
B3-You Got Warned (Instrumental)

Ground Floor ‎- Dig On That / One, Two [12''] (1994)

A1-Dig On That (Main)
A2-Dig On That (Radio)
A3-Dig On That (Instrumental)
B1-One, Two (Main)
B2-One, Two (Radio)
B3-One, Two (Instrumental)

Growin Pains ‎- Stockholm Staal [12''] (1997)

A1-Stockholm Staal
A2-Virtual Reality
A3-Growin' Pains
B1-Stockholm Staal (Instrumental)
B2-Virtual Reality (Instrumental)
B3-Growin' Pains (Instrumental)

martes, 22 de marzo de 2016

C.H.A.O.S. ‎- Death Stalks (Da. Return. Ev. Death) "The Iwakening" [12''] (1997)

01-Death Stalks (Da. Return. Ev. Death) "The Iwakening" (LP Version)
02-Death Stalks (Da. Return. Ev. Death) "The Iwakening" (Warstrumental)
03-Death Stalks (Da. Return. Ev. Death) "The Iwakening" (Accapella)

C.H.A.O.S. ‎- Death Stalks [12''] (1996)

A1-Death Stalks
A2-Death Stalks (Clean)
A3-Death Stalks (Instrumental)
B1-True M.P.
B2-True M.P. (Clean)
B3-True M.P. (Instrumental)

lunes, 21 de marzo de 2016

Brass Tacks ‎- Game Iz Like / Inner City Madness [12''] (1997)

A1-Game Iz Like (Vocal)
B1-Inner City Madness (Vocal)

Mack da Maniak ‎- What Goes Up (Remix) [12''] (1996)

A1-What Goes Up (Radio Remix Version)
A2-What Goes Up (Remix T.V. Track)
A3-What Goes Up (BQE 86 MPH Version) (Radio)
B1-What Goes Up (Street Remix Version)
B2-What Goes Up (BQE 86 MPH Version) (Street)
B3-What Goes Up (BQE 86 MPH Version) (Instrumental)
B4-What Goes Up (Original Album Version) (Street)

Social Contact ‎- Money & The Scuma [12''] (1999)

A1-Money & The Scuma (Clean)
A2-Money & The Scuma (Instrumental)
B1-Blunts And Liquor (Clean)
B2-Blunts And Liquor (Instrumental)

Miilkbone ‎- Where'z Da' Party At? [12''] (1995)

A1-Where'z Da' Party At?
A2-Where'z Da' Party At? (Mufi's Mix)
A3-Where'z Da' Party At? (Block Party Mix)
A4-Where'z Da' Party At? (Tray Wop's Mix)
B1-Where'z Da' Party At? (Open Mic Mix)
B2-Where'z Da' Party At? (Instrumental)
B3-Where'z Da' Party At? (Remix Instrumental)
B4-Where'z Da' Party At? (There'z A Party Over Here Mix)
B5-Where'z Da' Party At? (Remix TV)

Miilkbone ‎- Keep It Real / How Ya Like It ? [12''] (1995)

A1-Keep It Real (Foul Mouth LP)
A2-Keep It Real (Instrumental)
A3-Keep It Real (Dirty Raw Shit)
A4-Keep It Real (Censored LP)
B1-How Ya Like It ? (Sour Milk LP)
B2-How Ya Like It ? (Instrumental)

Oktober ‎- What You Got? / Cell Block [12''] (2003)

A1-What You Got? (Vocal)
A2-What You Got? (Instrumental)
B1-Cell Block (Vocal)
B2-Cell Block (Instrumental)

Oktober ‎- It Was War / Infinite Echoes [12''] (2000)

A1-It Was War (Radio).
A2-It Was War (Instrumental)
B1-Infinite Echoes (Radio)
B2-Infinite Echoes (Instrumental)

sábado, 19 de marzo de 2016

All Natural ‎- Queens Get The Money [12''] (2001)

A1-Queens Get The Money (Remix) Feat. Spotlite
A2-Family Feat. Allstar The Fabulous
A3-Queens Get The Money (Original) Feat. Spotlite
B1-Queens Get The Money (Remix Instrumental)
B2-Family (Instrumental)
B3-Queens Get The Money (Original Instrumental)

The Professionals - Sit Back Relax / Where The Players At [12''] (1997)

A1-Sit Back Relax (Vocal Mix) Feat. Stress Wun
A2-Sit Back Relax (Inst.)
B1-Where The Players At (Vocal Mix) 
B2-Where The Players At (Inst. Mix)

Kracked R.I.B.Z. ‎- 125th Street (Mindin' My Bid'ness) [12''] (1993)

A1-125th Street (Mindin' My Bid'ness) (Hybrid Mix) (Telephone Intro.)
A2-125th Street (Mindin' My Bid'ness) (Hybrid Mix) (Pure)
A3-125th Street (Mindin' My Bid'ness) (The First One)
B1-125th Street (Mindin' My Bid'ness) (East Coast Mix) (Pure)
B2-125th Street (Mindin' My Bid'ness)
B3-125th Street (Mindin' My Bid'ness) (Instrumental)

The Beatnuts ‎- The Spot (The Beatnuts Remix EP) [12''] (1998)

A1-R.U. Ready II Feat. Grand Puba
A2-Get Funky (Remix)
A3-No Equal (Remix)
A4-Psycho Dwarf II Feat. Nogoodus
B1-Off The Books (Remix) Feat. Big Punisher, Cuban Link
B2-Let Off A Couple II Feat. A.L. & Rawcotiks
B3-Props Over Here (Remix)
B4-Treat$ Feat. A.L., Nogoodus & Rawcotiks

Louwop ‎- New Empire / Bionic Logic / New Empire Strikes Back [12''] (1998)

A1-New EmPire
A2-New EmPire - (Radio)
A3-New EmPire - Instrumental
B1-Bionic Logic
B2-New Empire Strikes Back - (Radio)
B3-New Empire Strikes Back - Instrumental

Noggin Nodders - Bounce (Promo) [12''] (1997)

A-Bounce (Album Version)
B1-Bounce (Instrumental)
B2-Bounce (A Capella)

Chedda Hill Entertainment ‎- White Collar Crime / Firestorm [12''] (1999)

A1-White Collar Crime (Radio)
A2-White Collar Crime (Instrumental)
B2-Firestorm (Instrumental)

viernes, 18 de marzo de 2016

Kinfusion ‎- Crooked Green Papers [12''] (1997)

A1-Crooked Green Papers (Album Version)
A2-Crooked Green Papers (Instrumental)
B1-Crooked Green Papers (Warren Riker Remix)
B2-Crooked Green Papers (Acapella)

Tripps ‎- Rage / New York, N.Y. [12''] (1995)

A1-Rage (Radio Version)
A2-Rage (Street Version)
A3-Rage (Instrumental)
B1-New York, N.Y. (Radio Version)
B2-New York, N.Y. (Instrumental)
B3-New York, N.Y. (Street Version)

Mastermind - The Adventures Of Mastermind [12''] (1996)

A1-Karma (Vocal Version)
A2-Karma (Instrumental)
A3-Autobiography Of A Bad MC (Vocal Version)
B1-Ambulance Ride (Vocal Version)
B2-Ambulance Ride (Instrumental)

PMD ‎- I Saw It Cummin' [12''] (1994)

A1-I Saw It Cummin' (Zone Mix)
A2-I Saw It Cummin' (Back Alley Bozack Mix)
A3-I Saw It Cummin' (Underground Funk Mix)
A4-Steppin' Thru Hardcore
B1-I Saw It Cummin' (Zone Mix Instrumental)
B2-I Saw It Cummin' (Back Alley Bozack Instrumental)
B3-I Saw It Cummin' (Underground Funky Mix Instrumental)

Corner 2 Corner ‎- The Thieves' Theme [12''] (199x)

A1-The Thieves' Theme
A2-The Thieves' Theme (Remix)
B1-Corners 2 Corporations
B2-Corners 2 Corporations (Remix)

Corner 2 Corner ‎- Anyday / Corners 2 Corporations [12''] (1996)

A1-Anyday (Radio Edit)
A2-Anyday (Instrumental)
B1-Corners 2 Corporations (Radio Edit)
B2-Corners 2 Corporations (Instrumental)

M.C. Essential / A.W.O.L. - Bring It Up [12''] (1993)

A1-Bring It Up (Beat Down Mix)
A2-Bring It Up (Beat Down Dub)
A3-Bring It Up (Radio Edit)
AA1-Bring It Up (LP Mix)
AA2-Bring It Up (LP Dub)

jueves, 17 de marzo de 2016

Various ‎- Double Dutch Hip Hop Promotion [12''] (1996)

A1-Empress - This Is What You Want (Vocal)
A2-Empress - This Is What You Want (Instrumental)
B1-Ley Da Natural - Mind State (Vocal)
B2-Ley Da Natural - Mind State (Instrumental)