sábado, 30 de abril de 2016

Ruffa ‎- Representing [12''] (1996)

A1-Representing (Dirty Version)
A2-Representing (Clean Version)
B1-Representing (Instrumental)
B2-Representing (Acappella Featuring Kool G Rap)

Tony Tone ‎- Flow To The Bone [12''] (1993)

A1-Flow To The Bone (Remix)
A2-Flow To The Bone (Instrumental)
B1-Flow To The Bone (Original Laid Back Mix)
B2-Flow To The Bone (Original Laid Back Mix) (Instrumental)
B3-Old Skool Flava

viernes, 29 de abril de 2016

Various ‎- Lifted Records Volume 1 EP [12''] (1997)

A1-Camille Morrison-Thinkin' Bout My Love 
A2-Camille Morrison-Where's The Smile 
A3-Camille Morrison-Freestyle Love 
A4-Tru Understanding-U Won't Forget 
A5-Tru Understanding-Life Of Crime 
B1-Legacy-That's How I Iive 
B2-Legacy-Direct Hit Feat. SunBorn
B3-Camille Morrison-Got To Be There Feat. C. Boogie Brown
B4-Tru Understanding-I Wanna Know

The Representativz ‎- Spaz Out [12''] (1999)

A1-Spaz Out (Clean Version)
A2-Spaz Out (Instrumental)
A3-Spaz Out (Dirty Version)
B1-Represent Baby (Clean Version)
Feat. Cocoa Brovaz, D. Real, Rock & Top Dog
B2-Represent Baby (Instrumental)
B3-Represent Baby (Dirty Version)

Apani B. Fly Emcee, C-Rayz Walz & Rahsheed ‎- The Specialist / Perspective [12''] (1999)

A1-The Specialist (Street)
A2-The Specialist (Radio)
A3-The Specialist (Instrumental)
B1-Perspective (Street)
B2-Perspective (Radio)
B3-Perspective (Instrumental)

jueves, 28 de abril de 2016

KMD ‎- What A Nigga Know? [12''] (1994)

A1-What A Nigga Know (Album Version)
A2-What A Nigga Know (Remix Vocal) Feat. MF Grimm
A3-What A Nigga Know (LP Instrumental)
B1-Constipated Monkey (Album Version)
B2-Constipated Monkey (LP Instrumental)
B3-Q3 119 (Album Version)

Natural Resource ‎- Negro League Baseball / They Lied [12''] (1996)

A1-Negro League Baseball (Dirty)
A2-Negro League Baseball (Clean)
A3-Negro League Baseball (Instrumental)
B1-They Lied (Clean)
B2-They Lied (Instrumental)
B3-Bum Deal

miércoles, 27 de abril de 2016

UMC'S ‎- Hit The Track [12''] (1994)

A1-Hit The Track (Clean Version)
A2-Hit The Track (Original Version)
B1-Some Speak Ill Thoughts (Original Version)
B2-Hit The Track (Instrumental)

martes, 26 de abril de 2016

Main Flow ‎- Hip Hop Worth Dying For [12''] (2002)

A1-Hip Hop Worth Dying For (Original)
A2-Hip Hop Worth Dying For (Remix)
A3-You Got 2 (Original)
B1-Hip Hop Worth Dying For (Instrumental)
B2-Hip Hop Worth Dying For (Remix Instrumental)
B3-You Got 2 (Instrumental)

The Wizard Of Rap ‎- Escape From East New York [12''] (1989)


Wiz Side

A1-Escape From East New York
A2-Escape From East New York (Remix)

Jay Side

B2-Murder By Death

lunes, 25 de abril de 2016

Rottin Razkals ‎- Oh Yeah (Promo) [12''] (1994)

A1-Oh Yeah (LP Version)
A2-Oh Yeah (Radio Version)
A3-Oh Yeah (Instrumental)
A4-Oh Yeah (Acapella)
B1-A-Yo (LP Version)
B2-A-Yo (Radio Version)
B3-A-Yo (A-Yomental)

House Of Pain ‎- Legend / Word Is Bond [12''] (1994)

A1-Word Is Bond (Clean Radio Remix)
A2-Word Is Bond (Original Clean Radio)
A3-Legend (Extended Mix)
B1-Legend (Radio Edit)
B2-Word Is Bond (Remix Instrumental)
B3-Word Is Bond (Original Instrumental)

M.C. War Flattop ‎- Untitled [12''] (1995)

A1-Ain't Nothing Happenin Here
A2-Seven Days Of Armageddon (Rap)
A3-Seven Days Of Armageddon (Instrumental)
B1-The Story Of Glory Of Castillo, Let's Go! (Rap)
B2-The Story Of Glory Of Castillo, Let's Go! (Dub Mix)
B3-Let's Talk About Brown Sugar Part 1 (Rap)
B4-Let's Talk About Brown Sugar Part 1 (Dub Mix)

domingo, 24 de abril de 2016

Da Rail Black / Pauly Paps ‎- Thuz 3 Wishz / War Scarz [12''] (1997)

A1-Da Rail Black-Thuz 3 Wishz (Clean)
A2-Da Rail Black-Thuz 3 Wishz (Dirty)
B1-Pauly Paps-War Scarz (Clean)
B2-Pauly Paps-War Scarz (Dirty)

sábado, 23 de abril de 2016

Dark Sun Riders ‎- Time To Build [12''] (1996)

A1-Time To Build (Album Version)
A2-Time To Build (Ultra Marsalis Remix)
B1-Time To Build (Ultra Marsalis Instrumental)
B2-Vibes Of The Pro Black

Concrete Click ‎- Keep It Street / Naive To The Fact [12''] (1995)

A1-Keep It Street
A2-Keep It Street (Instrumental)
B1-Naive To The Fact
B2-Naive To The Fact (Instrumental)

viernes, 22 de abril de 2016

Kurious ‎- Uptown Shit / Spell It Wit A "J" [12''] (1993)

A1-Uptown *hit
A2-Uptown *hit (Instrumental)
A3-Uptown Shit
B1-Spell It Wit A "J"
B2-Spell It Wit A "J" (Instrumental)

Soul Puppets ‎- Soula.System.EP [12''] (1997)

A1-O's & Elbows
A2-Cruel & Unuzual
A3-5 Minutes Of Fame
B2-O's & Elbows (Sleepmonster Remix)

jueves, 21 de abril de 2016

Direct Current MC's ‎- Keep In Step / Gangland Rap [12''] (1990)

A1-Keep In Step (Original Mix)
A2-Gangland Rap
B1-Keep In Step (Sinister Mix)
B2-Bonus Breaks: Exorcise Da' Funk
B3-Bonus Breaks: Release The Beast

Company Flow ‎- Blind / Tragedy Of War In III Parts [12''] (1997)

A1-Blind (Street)
A2-Blind (Radio)
A3-Blind (Instrumental)
A4-8 Steps (Lost Mix)
B1-Tragedy Of War In III Parts (Street)
B2-Tragedy Of War In III Parts (Radio)
B3-Tragedy Of War In III Parts (Instrumental)

Non Phixion ‎- Legacy / No Tomorrow [12''] (1996)

A1-Legacy (Radio)
A2-Legacy (Instrumental)
B1-No Tomorrow (Radio)
B2-No Tomorrow (Street)
B3-No Tomorrow (Instrumental)

Thrust - Emcee [12''] (1999)

A2-Emcee (Instrumental)
B1-Emcee Pt. 2
B2-Emcee Pt. 2 (Instrumental)

miércoles, 20 de abril de 2016

Subroc / KMD ‎- It Sounded Like A Roc / Stop Smokin' That Shit [12''] (1999)

A1-Subroc-It Sounded Like A Roc (Vocal)
A2-Subroc-It Sounded Like A Roc (Instrumental)
B1-KMD-Stop Smokin' That Shit (Vocal)
Feat. Earth Quake, Kurious The Majician & Lord Sear
B2-KMD-Stop Smokin' That Shit (Instrumental)

K-Solo ‎- City Of Shaft [12''] (1998)

A1-Excalibur (Original)
A2-Excalibur (Instrumental)
B1-System (Street)
B2-System (Instrumental)

martes, 19 de abril de 2016

Mixed Elements ‎- Yah Yah (Promo) [12''] (1995)

A1-Yah Yah
B1-Yah Yah (Dirty Low Mix)
B2-Yah Yah (Instrumental)

Brainsick - Volume 1 + 2 [12''] (1997)

A2-On A Vibe
A3-Time To Shine
A4-Check It Out
B1-Constantly At It
B2-Rock A Show
B3-I Thank God
B4-Chill Out Zone

Brainsick Enterprize ‎- Stargazing / Mixmaster USA [12''] (1996)

A1-Stargazing (Street)
A2-Stargazing (Radio)
A3-Stargazing (Instrumental)
B1-Mixmaster USA (Street)
B2-Mixmaster USA (Radio)
B3-Mixmaster USA (Instrumental)

lunes, 18 de abril de 2016

Frankenstein ‎- The Projects [12''] (2000)

A1-The Projects (A.N.D Version)
A2-The Projects (A.N.D Instrumental)
A3-The Projects (Acapella)
B1-The Projects (Remix)
B2-The Projects (Remix Instrumental)

Kukoo Da Bag-A-Bonez - Real Kukoo [12''] (1996)

A1-Real Kukoo (Radio)
A2-Real Kukoo (Dirty)
A3-Real Kukoo (Instrumental)
B1-Big Queens (Real Nigs) (Radio)
B2-Big Queens (Real Nigs) (Dirty)
B3-Big Queens (Real Nigs) (Instrumental)

domingo, 17 de abril de 2016

Jean Grae ‎- Hater's Anthem [12''] (2003)

A1-Hater's Anthem (Dirty)
A2-Hater's Anthem (Clean)
A3-Hater's Anthem (Instrumental)
B1-Take Me (Dirty)
B2-Take Me (Clean)
B3-Take Me (Instrumental)
B4-Swing Blades (Dirty) Feat. Cannibal Ox
B5-Swing Blades (Clean) Feat. Cannibal Ox
B6-Swing Blades (Instrumental)

Saukrates ‎- Brick House EP [12''] (1997)

A1-Play Dis (Clean) Feat. Common
A2-Play Dis (Instrumental)
A3-Rollin Feat. Masta Ace & O.C.
A4-Rollin (Remix) Feat. Masta Ace & O.C.
B1-P's & Q's
B2-Play Dis (Remix) Feat. Common
B3-Father Time (Remix)
B4-Father Time

Young Gifted ‎- Friday [12''] (1996)

A2-Friday (Remix)
B1-Stay True To Your Trade (Extended Mix)
B2-Stay True To Your Trade (Short Mix)
B3-Black Essence

Siah And Yeshua Dapo ED - Siah And Yeshua Dapo ED [12''] (1996)

Fur Side

A1-The Visualz
A3-Glass Bottom Boat Feat. Ken Boogaloo
A4-No Soles' Dopest Opus

Side Beaz

B1-The Mystery Feat. Ken Boogaloo
B2-A Day Like Any Other

sábado, 16 de abril de 2016

Delphi Oracle ‎- Peace And Quiet / Bottom Line [12''] (1994)

A1-Peace And Quiet (Original Formula)
A2-Peace And Quiet (Instrumental Formula)
B1-Peace And Quiet (Clean Formula)
B2-Bottom Line

Max & Sam ‎- Young Man Rumble [12''] (1994)

A1-Young Man Rumble (Smooth Philly Style Mix)
A2-Young Man Rumble (Original)
B1-Young Man Rumble (Original Instrumental)
B2-Young Man Rumble (Drum Mix)
B3-Young Man Rumble (Acapella)