martes, 31 de mayo de 2016

Black Moon ‎- Who Got The Props [12''] (1992)

Ruff Side
A1-Who Got The Props (Evil Dee's Deadly Mix)
A2-Who Got The Props (Evil Dee's Deadly Instr.)
A3-Who Got The Props (MW Smooth Mix)

Rugged Side
B1-F * * k It Up (Rugged And Ruff Mix)
B2-F * * k It Up (Rugged And Ruff Instr.)
B3-Who Got The Props (MW Smooth Instr.)

Artifacts ‎- Wrong Side Of Da Tracks [12''] (1994)

A1-Wrong Side Of Da Tracks (Radio Edit)
A2-Wrong Side Of Da Tracks (LP Version)
A3-Wrong Side Of Da Tracks (Instrumental)
A4-Wrong Side Of Da Tracks (A Cappella)
B1-Flexi Wit Da Tech (nique) (Radio Edit)
B2-Flexi Wit Da Tech (nique) (LP Version)
B3-Flexi Wit Da Tech (nique) (Bonus Beats)
B4-Whassup Now Muthaf- -ka? (LP Version)
B5-Whassup Now Muthaf- -ka? (Bonus Beats)

Artifacts / Mandigga - Art Of Facts / Man Digga Comin' Thru [12''] (1996)

A1-Artifacts-Art Of Facts (Clean Mix)
A2-Artifacts-Art Of Facts (Album Version)
A3-Artifacts-Art Of Facts (Instrumental)
B1-Mandigga-Man Digga Comin' Thru (Clean Mix)
B2-Mandigga-Man Digga Comin' Thru (Album Mix)
B3-Mandigga-Man Digga Comin' Thru (Instrumental)

miércoles, 25 de mayo de 2016

90 Proof - Boutique Freaks [12''] (2000)

A1-Boutique Freaks
A2-Boutique Freaks (Instrumental)
B1-Inner City Prophets
B2-Inner City Prophets (Instrumental)

Kirk - Uptown Style / Down Low [12''] (1994)

A1-Uptown Style (Laidback Bounce Extended Mix)
A2-Uptown Style (Laidback Bounce Instrumental)
A3-Uptown Style (Renovated Original Extended Mix)
A4-Uptown Style (Renovated Original Instrumental)
B1-Down Low (Bass Mix)
B2-Down Low (Bass Mix Instrumental)
B3-Uptown Style (Laidback Bounce Radio Mix)
B4-Uptown Style (Renovated Original Radio Mix)

lunes, 23 de mayo de 2016

Suave ‎- Who Ya Think Ya Gassin' (Promo) [12''] (1994)

A-Who Ya Think Ya Gassin'
B-Breakem' Up!

R.A. The Rugged Man ‎- Chains / Black & White [12''] (2005)

A1-Chains (Clean)
Feat. Killah Priest & Masta Killa
A2-Chains (Main)
A3-Chains (Instrumental)
B1-Black & White (Clean Original)
Feat. Timbo King
B2-Black & White (Clean Remix)
B3-Black & White (Main Original)
B4-Black & White (Main Remix)

RA The Rugged Man - Till My Heart Stops / Flipside [12''] (1997)

A1-Till My Heart Stops (Dirty Version) 
Feat. 8-Off The Assassin
A2-Till My Heart Stops (Clean Version)
A3-Till My Heart Stops (Instrumental)
B1-Flipside (Dirty Version)
B2-Flipside (Instrumental)
B3-Till My Heart Stops (A Cappela)

domingo, 22 de mayo de 2016

La The Darkman ‎- Heist Of The Century / I Want It All (Promo) [12''] (1998)

A1-Heist Of The Century (Clean Version) Feat. Killa Sin 
A2-Heist Of The Century (Street Mix)
A3-Heist Of The Century (Instrumental)
B1-I Want It All (Unreleased '96 Mix) (Clean Version)
B2-I Want It All (Unreleased '96 Mix) (Street Mix)
B3-I Want It All (Unreleased '96 Mix) (Instrumental)

Lords Of The Underground ‎- Chief Rocka [12''] (1993)


A1-Chief Rocka (Rumblin' Mix)
A2-Chief Rocka (Instrumental)
A3-Chief Rocka (Beat-A-Pella)
B1-Chief Rocka (Jazzy Underground Mix)
B2-Chief Rocka (Video Version)
B3-Chief Rocka (Mixshow DJ Mix)

Group Home ‎- Make It In Life / Stupid Muthaf*ckas [12''] (1999)

X1-Make It In Life (Main Version) Feat. Agallah
X2-Make It In Life (Radio Mix)
X3-Make It In Life (Instrumental)
Y1-Stupid Muthaf*ckas (Main Version)
Y2-Stupid Muthaf*ckas (Clean Version)
Y3-Stupid Muthaf*ckas (Instrumental)

Buddah Tye ‎- Money Matters [12''] (1997)

A-Money Matters (Radio Edit)
Feat. Slade Savage
B1-Money Matters (LP Version)
B2-Money Matters (TV Track)

Corrupt Empire - Jersey Get Yours / Watch Out [12''] (1996)

A1-Jersey Get Yours (Vocal)
A2-Jersey Get Yours (Remix)
A3-Jersey Get Yours (Acapella)
B1-Watch Out (Vocal)
B2-Watch Out (Instrumental)
B3-Jersey Beats (Instrumental)

Bounty Killer ‎- Deadly Zone [12''] (1998)

A1-Deadly Zone (Clean Radio)
Feat. Rappin' Noyd & Mobb Deep
A2-Deadly Zone (Street)
B1-Deadly Zone (instrumental)
B2-Deadly Zone (acapella)

Automatik - These Mean Streets / No Mans Land [12''] (1997)

A1-These Mean Streets (Radio Edit)
A2-These Mean Streets (Street Mix)
A3-These Mean Streets (Instrumental)
B1-No Mans Land (Radio Edit)
Feat. Down N' Dirty Tribe
B2-No Mans Land (Street Mix)
B3-No Mans Land (Instrumental)

sábado, 21 de mayo de 2016

Suave ‎- Make Way For The Boogieman / Lady Open Up [12''] (1994)

A1-Make Way For The Boogieman
A2-Make Way For The Boogieman (Street Version)
A3-Make Way For The Boogieman (Instrumental)
B1-Lady Open Up
B2-Lady Open Up (Instrumental)

Real Live ‎- Real Live Sh*t (Remix) / Pop The Trunk [12''] (1996)

A1-Real Live Sh*t (Remix Clean)
Feat. Cappadonna, Ghostface Killah, Killa Sin & Lord Tariq
A2-Real Live Sh*t (Remix Dirty)
A3-Real Live Sh*t (Remix Instrumental)
B1-Pop The Trunk (Album)
B2-Pop The Trunk (Instrumental)

Nice & Smooth ‎- Let It Go [12''] (1997)

A1-Let It Go (LP Version)
A2-Let It Go (Instrumental)
B1-Le It Go (A Capella)
B2-Lockdown (Clean Version)

Manuel - Luv Luv [12''] (1996)

A1-Luv Luv (Radio Version)
A2-Luv Luv (Instrumental)
B1-Deep Waters (Radio Version)
B2-Deep Waters (Album Version)

miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2016

La La The Lyrical Lyricist ‎- Show Me Love [12''] (1997)

A1-Show Me Love (Remix)
A2-Show Me Love (Instrumental)
B1-Tell Me (Megamix)
B2-Tell Me (Instrumental)

martes, 17 de mayo de 2016

Hoodz Underground, Big Critz & JC - Where Ya From [12''] (2003)

A1-Introduction Feat. Big Critz
A2-Where Ya From 
Feat. Moorish Delta, Out Da Ville & Shadowless
A3-The Clinic Feat. Big Critz
B1-Sick Wid It Feat. Big Critz & Doyen-D
B2-Bloody Hell (Mental Power D&B Remix)

Big Rob & Lil Sprout ‎- Treason [12''] (1996)

Ill Side
A1-Treason (Original Clean)
A2-Treason (Remix Clean)

Fat Side
B1-Mental Stress (Clean)
B2-Hard Core (Clean)

lunes, 16 de mayo de 2016

Big Critz, Menace & Hoodz Underground ‎- The Hard Copy EP [12''] (2001)

A1-Bag Of Rawness Feat. Big Critz & Menace
A2-The Hard Copy Feat. Big Critz
A3-Times Out (Freestyle) Feat. Big Critz
B1-Steel City Elite
B2-Bloody Hell
B3-Last Man Standing

Craig Mack ‎- Get Down (Remix) (Promo) [12''] (1994)

A1-Get Down (Radio Edit)
A2-Get Down (Q-Tip Remix) Feat. Q-Tip
A3-Get Down (Instrumental)
B1-Get Down (Club Mix)
B2-Get Down (Q-Tip Remix Instrumental)

domingo, 15 de mayo de 2016

Various ‎- Tru Criminal Records EP [12''] (1997)

A1-Street Smartz-Don't Trust Anyone (Dirty)
A2-God Sunz-Sub Sidewalkers (Clean)
A3-AK Skills-One Thing Or Another (Clean)
B1-God Sunz And Street Smartz-Verbal Murder (Dirty)
B2-Street Smartz-Metal Thangz Remix (Clean)
B3-Street Smartz-Don't Trust Anyone (Clean)

D-Shade ‎- Do The Math / Full Contact [12''] (1998)

A1-Do The Math (LP Version)
A2-Do The Math (Instrumental)
A3-Do The Math (Acapella)
B1-Full Contact (Dirty)
B2-Full Contact (No Limit Edit)
B3-Full Contact (Instrumental)

Street Smartz ‎- Ain't No Burna [12''] (1996)

A1-Ain't No Burna (Dirty)
A2-Ain't No Burna (Instrumental)
B1-Ain't No Burna (Clean)
B2-Ain't No Burna (Instrumental)

God Sunz ‎- 1-718 [12''] (1998)

A1-1-718 (Dirty)
A2-1-718 (Instrumental)
B1-1-718 (Radio)
B2-1-718 (Acapella)

Walkmen ‎- F-L-A Team / Tropic States [12''] (1999)

A1-F-L-A Team (Dirty)
Feat. Celph Titled, Murdock & Tino Vega
A2-F-L-A Team (Clean)
A3-F-L-A Team (Instrumental)
B1-Tropic States (Dirty)
B2-Tropic States (Clean)
B3-Tropic States (Instrumental)

Rakim ‎- Heat It Up (Promo) [12''] (1993)

A1-Heat It Up (Album Version)
A2-Heat It Up (The Wiz Mix)
A3-Heat It Up (One For The Bronx Remix)
B1-Heat It Up (The Wiz Mix) (Instrumental)
B2-Heat It Up (Acappella Remix)
B3-Heat It Up (Noise-A-ppella)

K. Fanat ‎- Zoo York / Maintain [12''] (1997)

A1-Zoo York (Clean)
A2-Zoo York (Dirty)
A3-Zoo York (Instrumental)
B1-Maintain (Clean)
B2-Maintain (Dirty)
B3-Maintain (Instrumental)

Fanat - My Style / Blowin' Up Spots [12''] (1998)

A1-My Style (Main)
A2-My Style (Clean)
A3-My Style (Instrumental)
B1-Blowin' Up Spots (Main)
B2-Blowin' Up Spots (Clean)
B3-Blowin' Up Spots (Instrumental)

sábado, 14 de mayo de 2016

Da Worst - Forever Shine (1998)



B-1 & Large Professor ‎- Put Yo' Self In My Place / Hustle [12''] (1999)

A1-Put Yo' Self In My Place (Street)
A2-Put Yo' Self In My Place (Instrumental)
B2-Put Yo' Self In My Place (Acapella)

Centa Of Da Web ‎- Beyond Human Comprehension LP [12''] (1996)

A2-Da Webs Minds Feat. Jest One
A3-Zone 2 Tha Tone
A4-Whichcraft (Audio Data)
A5-5 Lil' Pumpkins Feat. Jest One
A6-Ill Visions
B1-Molecule (Audio Data)
B2-Outer Regions Feat. Outa Limits
B3-DaCrypticOne (Audio Data)
B5-Most Can't Comprehend

Rough House Survivers ‎- Rough House [12''] (1993)

A1-Rough House (LP Version)
A2-Rough House (LP Instrumental)
B1-Rough House (Pete Rock Remix)
B2-Rough House (Pete Rock Remix Instrumental)

Cappo ‎- Learn To Be Strong [12''] (2003)

A1-Learn To Be Strong (Radio)
A2-Learn To Be Strong (Dirty)
B1-Learn To Be Strong (Instrumental)
B2-Learn To Be Strong (Accapella)

Brotherhood Creed ‎- Helluva (Promo) [12''] (1992)

A1-Helluva (B.Boy Club Mix)
A2-Helluva (Club Mix Instrumental)
B1-Helluva (Radio Mix)
B2-Helluva (Mo Bass Mix)